Opportunities Abound for the Humble

Now is the opportunity of your lifetimes to bring yourself to the altar of Our progressive ascendancy into light and life.

Draw thineself towards the Objectivity of Love .. the fact in your life of the Fatherhood of God and the Universe brotherhood and sisterhood shall be a balming ointment of everlasting peace and prosperity.

Become thou .. spirit immersed and impulsed with the feelings of triumphant overcoming of every ailing woe as you carry your misqualifications into the illuminated cross of the Father’s Initiatory Life.

Our Association Of Ascendancy propels thee forward .. inward .. upward .. into the refiner’s fire of forgiveness and merciful acceptance.

Mine Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter Presence pervades thine intimate personal surroundings. Always am I available to the sincere heart who calls and asks to receive My comfort and benevolent Influences .. given to you as you traverse the approach of ascendancy towards your freedom and mastery.

Michael Of Nebadon