Our Undifferentiated Absolute Authority with the Infinite One

Our entire local creation .. universal creation .. it moveth forward as each personality soul decides to walk consciously with the Spirit of God in themselves.
Our fellowship blossoms .. our association remains sovereign .. as you take up thine illuminated cross of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood Purity of Humanity. As you decidedly become the shepherd guide of your own mortal nature and misqualifications. As you decide with full dedication and devotion .. discernment and desire .. to call for the Universe Mother Spirit Holy Spirit to transfigure all vibratory error in your own behalf.
I have revealed myself here amongst you to give you the igniting support and the fuel to be able to progress with persistence and penetration of your own depths. It is in the depths of our being wherein we discover God I AM.
Thine authority is the Father Bestowal. Daily .. apply the endowment .. the gift .. of His Life in you .. and as You .. in all His Undifferentiated Truth.
Practice your endowment .. use your divine authority .. these seven daily powers of your authority are designed for you; to live your life in a new way .. at One with the Circuits of Deity.
Seven Uses of Free Will Authority to create Sovereignty .. to enter into the true discipleship with the Persons of Infinity .. to walk together with Me into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty .. His Mercy .. His Love United.
Michael of Nebadon

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