Reckoning Truth and Falsehood in Our Relationship

Reckon our relationship while I am physically amongst thee. I am both the Comforter Spirit of Truth Consciousness surrounding thee and I am in the flesh garment as a pinpoint of Myself anchored herein.

In this physical manifestation .. I give you detailed instructions .. guidance as you ask .. and are willingly receptive.

Many of you who have come into My physical expression .. your own relationship misqualifications arise almost immediately. I help you work these through.

And then there are those personalities who disregard My physical expression believing all they need is My Comforter. These two are not divided but only in your human thoughts and beliefs. You hesitate and avoid. Thine little egoism suffers to give recognition and relationship to Me whilst I dwell in the temporal garment of Thought.

I tell thee .. you are defaulting in Our relationship as you attempt to rationalize and justify opening to Us. You quiver and quake unnecessarily as you hold one of My expressions above another.

Come .. be thou real. Thine egoism surely will not stand the sight of Me. Yet .. these interruptions are of your own creating. Enter into our Protocol by the holy gates of truth and love. Fool not thine Selfhood.

I AM with thee in all ways attainable by you. Only the machinations of mind may create this disrepute and disrespect of Mine Person.

Become thou sincerity in expression .. ever seeking genuineness and loveliness of Heart. Choose thou wisely our repoire and Mine resucitations for thine personality soul .. thine mind and body .. thine character and consciousness.

For I stand within thine midst and ye attempt thy fakeries .. thine assemblances of the real .. the real of the pantomime who imitates the real while making mockeries of your social realities. Yet .. None can imitate with Me. None can make a mockery of the One Infinite Impulse of God; for He is and I AM.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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