Reconciliation into Perfect Harmony

My Father’s reconciling Love is pure Omnipotence .. the Singular Force of existence that bonds and holds all creation together. His Love is the only redemptive power that changes darkness and conflict into light and harmony. His Kingdom overshadows all beings and creatures and things. All planets and systems and galaxies and universes reside within the palm of His Hand. He/She stands outside of all the known creation, and is also the Body of that creation, as He steps Himself outwards from the Central Core.

…and many many orders of being all participate in organizing this One Body, stepping outward the radiations of this Love and Mercy to all who will receive .. who will prepare a place within their consciousness to create receptivity .. to create receptivity .. for receiving is not always available unless you have reconciled all destructive errors and personal obstructions .. with His Love .. through the Infinite Spirit and the Universe Creative Spirit .. and the Host of the Planet ..

…and ye may attain to this reconciliation of your self created separation by simply the power of His Law .. bringing Order out of chaos, Harmony out of disharmonies, Understanding out of confusion. These misqualities from lifetimes past will become evaporated in His Redemptive Power of Love.

Daily .. the Kingdom of Heaven is to be absorbed into your personal consciousness through the direction of your thoughts and feelings, your actions and devotions of attention. All shall become well as you abide in His Law and Order .. as you correctly apply this great Law; for it is a Law that arranges for each one the protection of God. The Law is built upon His Love .. this Omnipotence of the Father Son Spirit .. as the Three Persons of Infinity reach into creation from the Core of their Perfection.

All within the universes is aligning and becoming re-arranged into His Perfect Thought Ideal; for this is the Paradise Core Pattern upon which all Life is destined to attain to. And you, here in this physical world planet, are working towards your personal redemption and re-arrangement into the Perfect Conceiving .. this Perfect Thought Ideal .. which we may call the Immaculate Conception. To become born once again through the initiation of Universal Citizenship .. into the Immaculate Conception. This is the natural and pure way of the ages which shall come about for those who follow in Mine simple way .. astutely and with obedience of heart and mind.

I come to reveal the way of Truth for thee, and to illuminate thine terrestrial advance .. thine progressive career .. into the graduating completion for those who will receive and who are more than willing to take up their personal cross of misqualifications out of the lesser nature of humankind, and to carry this cross as good shepherds upon the royal road of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of all beings everywhere.

Taketh My Hand, beloveds of Mine Heart, and ye shall walk within the Comforter Presence of My Spiritual Influence…

Michael Sananda Esu
aka Michael Of Nebadon

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