Salvington Trust is for My Disciples

I say to those personalities with a tender heart full of compassionate wisdom and understanding .. meet Me in the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of My Heart.

Invite Me to tender gently thine goodly thoughts into Our Immaculate Selfhood.

Cooperate with the Spirit of Bestowal .. the Father's Life individualized in you .. as your destiny Selfhood.

Consecrate thine life into Our dedicated desire for your happiness and permanent harmony.

Collaborate with Us in establishing you upon Mine Universal Shores of Eternity.

Mine Immortality and Illumination are accessible and attainable as you refine all inner attitudes and interpretations of meaning and purpose.

Coordinate thine earth life with the Preparatory Act of God the Spirit and allow Her Spirit Virtues to mentor thee into our soul receptacle worthy to pour into you the elixir of advancement .. of attainment .. of adorational acknowledgement.

I am come mine brethren .. into the fold of thine fleshly living. I arrive deeply happy to observe so many hungering for their ascendant freedom and immortal mastery.

Proud am I that you each have taken the road of humility and honor in shepherding thineself over the hundreds of lifetimes of your adventures into the destination of all ages .. the graduation into Universal Citizenship.

Our Salvington Trust is My Society for My disciples who have made themselves readily prepared to go the distance with Me in their fulfillment of His Sovereignty and Divine Supremacy.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Write to Lucia Montano Ferrer, Head of Public Relations for our initial welcome package to explore your opportunities for advancing the Paradise Career.

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