The Arisen Consciousness of Association

As ye arise in awareness ye shall come to realize that a living portion of the First Creative Center and Divine Source lives within you.

He daily creates that unquenchable thirst for Truth Absolute .. for Righteousness and Rectitude .. in thee. He stirs the living embers of thine incessant longing to walk godward .. to be like God .. to journey beyond the mortal limitations of your bodily senses and materialized mind of concrete thinking.

The Spirit of the First Creative Center and Divine Source who lives within you .. He creates the necessary connection between thine human selfhood and the Father Spirit of Paradise. Your unfoldment of consciousness happens gradually as you allow this revelatory relationship to grow in you.

Feel now your everlasting thirst for security and safety and stability .. and understand that these things occur only as ye enter the Absolute .. the Absoluteness Of Ascendancy is the Trinity Circuits of Advancement and Attainment of this Ascendancy. It becometh accomplished in you as you give yourself to our Association Of Ascendancy.

I come to make the blind to see reality through the divine objectivity .. the lense of eternity .. and arrive upon the shores of thine mortal society to penetrate the deafness which has caused thine stagnation of soul development .. and finally, I come to unwax thine hearing and sight so tbat ye may better hear truth and righteousness.

For even the lame shall walk again through Mine touch .. as I am the Hand Universal of the Sevenfold Deity cometh to quicken thee into Life everlasting.

Michael Of Nebadon

The Epochal Revelation of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon