The Eight R’s of Remembrance and Redemption

The Ideal is the revealing in you of His Initiatory Thought of Perfection.

Our Ideal unveils in you His Initiatory Thought of Perfected Illumination.

Each personhood is the gift of God's generosity. Your personality is an expression of your underlying Personhood. The Personality is the Shepherd and Facilitator between the carnal and mortal nature .. and also the Immortal nature of the Unchangeable Absolute.

In the Third aspect of our Ideal are the Seven Eyes of the Kingdom .. the authority to govern your life and personal world are made possible with these seven powers.

Then .. there are the righteous attitudes which ye shall cultivate in Our discipleship together.

The 3 R's of Our Discipleship together require respect for the God Life .. responsibility for all thine imperfections arising and returning to you .. and receptivity through the application of the Law of Sowings and Reapings.

Also for your reference .. here are the Eightfold R's of Inquiry Transfiguration.

1. Recognize misqualifications

2. Release the appearance as cause

3. Responsibility for being the cause of the misqualified conditions

4. Redirect yourself to being the Sovereign Shepherd

5. Reidentify with being the Unconditional Life

6. Reembrace the conditions and qualities returning or arising in you

7. Reexperience these qualities with an attitude of unconditional acceptance for your creation

8. Redeem the qualities and conditions by applying Invitation. Here you are practicing becoming the Self Directive Governing Consciousness .. the I AM .. the Sovereign Shepherd.

Each one who walks with Me into the Kingdom of His Immortality and Illumination must learn these aspects and certain other parts of our Universal Ideal.

Michael of Nebadon
University Of Salvington