The Kingdom of the Heavenly

Thine poverty of spirit wellness and goodly cheer .. thine lack of upwardly bound feelings of gratitude and appreciation for life .. this lacking in thee is the depression of the race. Its kindly solution shall cause thee to seek upwards .. to strive inwards .. and to raise thine standards of achieving the Father; for those worthwhile goals of inner attainments of spiritual wealth - for God shall become thine as ye open into Our Fellowship Association and Universal Communion.

Thou seekers and asirants of this human populace .. ye shall not have to wait for the rewards of health and wellness at some future time.

Enter now into Our Association Of Ascendancy. Walk with Me.

Together within thine daily practicing of the R's of our Revelatory Relationship - these are My demands upon thine personality mind and soul .. Mine Spirit Yoke which ye must fulfill. These three qualities in thy character are only built and grown from your loyalty with God the Spirit and His Daughter who is the Universe Mother Spirit. Her Spirit Virtues shape thine material mind and character into soul receptivity. A receptacle for Truth grows .. unfolds .. blossoms .. into the Absoluteness Of Ascendancy.

The Association Of Ascendancy begins here Mine children. . .

Respect for the Father’s Initiatory Life.

Responsibility for thine Creative Free Will Authorship.

Receptivity for Our Relationship and the Association Of Ascendancy.

These are My divine requirements in order for thee to enter into My guidance and grace.

They who enter into our Fellowship Association shall certainly find the Kingdom of Heaven within their own hearts, and they shall attain to a permanence of divine experience. They shall be extinguishing all lesser vibratory influences and activities which have until now held them into wantonness and unwillingness.

Such divinely impulsed happiness shall become established in themselves. They shall be considered for candidacy into the graduation ceremony of eternity .. the Eternal Embrace of Universal Citizenship.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

Worldwide Communion with the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of Michael Of Nebadon