The Apostleship Of Ascendancy

Thou art Mine very apostles of this day and age .. and our more intimate association of a spiritual nature ignites thine soul into a religious life which shall not become an intellectual shield nor shall it be an island by which ye shall attempt escape from the woes of the world. Our arc of ascendancy is the very instrument by which ye shall become arisen into light .. the sharp realities of spiritual progress and our idealistic venture upon the seas of life are sustainable for you as you give; our religious spirituality becomes the living and awakened fact of a real and true inner experience which bears witness to the universes that God has found you, has raised you into understanding his ideal .. he has begun the long and winding ennoblement of thine personhood .. and he is still in the very midst of refining you with his fire of omnipotent love into the spiritualized sons and daughters of your destiny.

Is this not the singular purpose by which you are teased upward into righteousness and honor in his sight?

Have you becometh his quiet impulses from within by the living God who dwells as the life that we are?

Shall ye walk with Me into this ever potent spring of eternal life wherein you discover the God of your heart and soul?

Will you partake more fully .. deeply .. with concern and contemplation .. considerateness of mind .. and the wholehearted will to pierce thine mortal nature .. and to enter therein the eternal adventure of finding the Life of God who has found you to be worthy of this achievement?

Verily do I say to you each in the most sincerest countenance of Mine being .. as you are finding the living One and at once beginning to make of thyself his nature .. you will begin to perceive him in other men and women’s souls .. in all the creatures and beings of creation shall you perceive the sight of the Father God.

Yet .. our Father has little chance to make himself known and to appear in Christly sight to they who will not govern their moral nature .. their ethical decisiveness .. their mortal mind of questionings. He is a Sovereign and Sincere God who demands thine supremacy of allegiance .. thine loyalties of heart and mind .. and thine devotions for his divine ideals which are as the drops of living water upon the terrain of mortality.

He shall not nor ever appear in the personality souls of women and men who offer nothing of themselves to the relationship with him.

He simply shall not become manifest in sight and sound and awareness to those personhoods who refuse to give him their attentions of attitude and the unquestionable faith of their hearts.

Neither shall Mine Father make himself known when there is yet little or no time devoted to the thoughtful contemplation of his eternal realities.

I tell thee .. Mine family of living and breathing beings in this our universe .. that while thine mind is not at the helm of thine spiritual nature .. it hath its place as the opening to God's reality. It is the gate by which ye shall enter therein by your attunement of thought and the intensification of your feelings of awareness.

Now .. I do say to those of My brethren who yearn with full faith .. and the inevitabilities of their tempered trust .. My Father who is the living Spirit of all Life and who dwells in thine midst closer than breath and more intimate than the hairs upon thine head...

He will always respond to the faintest glimpse of your faith .. and the most constant ripples of your emotional yearning for his Life and reality.

My Father God takes his notice of even the most contorted primitive emotions which are still hungering for their freedom in him. And with those more honest yet timid souls who possess faith which is as yet too weak and undeveloped to usurp the organized religious thought of your civilization .. He gives each accordingly. He honors the honorable .. and he raises those who demonstrate rectitude and responsibility.

Mine Father is ever awake to enoble into his Sovereignty the hearts of every sincere seeker .. and he is thoroughly adept at fostering even the most subtle and feeble attempts to reach out for him. Yet .. you who walk with Me have been stimulated to give birth out of darkness and into the holy light .. and I expect that you each believe with a whole heart and a willingness which is unperturbed by those worldly minded hesitations which the race derives from its material animal origins.

Mine apostles .. your faith shall dominate every attitude of body, mind, and spirit. Your will shall conquer every beleaguered momentum from the lifetimes of your exploration and discovery at this point of evolutionary adjustment and its prized planetary civilization.

You have come forth out of the chaos of conditioning and illegitimate consternation. You have found Me to be residing .. as always and forever .. with the Spirit of the Father .. the Primal Originating Son .. and the Immaculate Selfhood of the Infinite Spirit.

Be enjoining thyself with the Universal consciousness which is everything and everywhere at once. Raise thineself to penetrate the borders and to conquer permanently the threads of your imprisoning predicaments.

I am your Sovereign Son Michael who holds the vision of flight for each one .. out from the intoxications of their infantile inclinations and unto the ripened heights of humility and honor in God.

Michael Of Nebadon

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