The Private Dialogues at Salvington College

May 16th 2016 (Afternoon Session)

Preparatory Act of God the Spirit is Mother’s Virtues and Values to become woven into Consciousness

Revelatory Word of God the Son is the Comforter Spirit of Truth and this My Spirit is Father Son derived. It brings the virtues and values into the verities of truth and the vision of our Ideal .. plan .. law .. will.

Finally .. Initiatory Thought of God the Father .. is the Life Impulse and destination for every personality mind to expand this Life through themselves. . And we accomplish this by righteousness of free will authority using the Sevenfold Powers

The Initiatory Thought and Life of God the Father brings Victory.

Victory to the personality mind who is willing to commit to the doing... and the living of the Will of Heaven.
God... is the highest intelligence existing... and He is all Goodness...

Why would anyone desire to attempt to live apart from His Will and Desire for all creatures to partake of His Goodness... Truth... and Beauty.

I am simply living my nature as Father Son Personified in My Formless Spirit Personality.

I can do no other than to advance the Causeless Cause. Advance the Causeless Cause

Concentrate… feel... put all your conciusness in each Virtue…

Ask... allow the Mother to show you how to absorb her Universal Mind into your mind…

Worship adoration... giving your attitudes of Adorational Worship to the Life of God. He animates thee in every moment.
Just receive here...

You cannot overlay good thoughts upon error…

Worship is applying your capacity to give
Give Him in you and at the Fountainhead... your A’s of Adorational Attitudes

Worship is the highest prayer.

Worshipful Attitudes bring attainment because you are placing all your creative power towards the highest vibrational Source.

Worshipful Attitudes bring attainment Hold thine thoughts and generate thine feelings for the God Life directly in and around you that is your individualized Spiritual Force.

Worship is the very first of the mind’s virtues bringing enhanced receptivity and respect and relationship and recognition and responsibility to the Life which has brought you into existence.

Worshipful Attitudes focus our creative power back towards the Source...

Worshipful Attitudes of Acknowledgement Acceptance Allegiance Awareness Attention Alignment All-Consuming love Appreciation Accountability Allowance And a few others

These generate quickening of your vibratory activities and this quickening raises your energy field into light and life.

For when thine Inner focus .. thine Eye .. becometh singularly focused upon Him ..

He is the One and Only Life anywhere and everywhere .. then your whole bodies .. physical emotional mental etheric memory .. these shall become raised upward into light and Life.

It is a demonstration of what each of you truly value.

You must demonstrate that you value God Life above all else. Then you become readied to go further.

All who are individuals of our Universe Administration have demonstrated that they hold one priority only beloveds…
To do .. to live .. to become the Will of Heaven.

Just now I give you of My Spirit...
Receive Me..Mine Comforter.

I pour out My Spirit to each one here..
Offer up your controls..

Your opinions..

Nothing shall survive the emergence of God’s Holy Selfhood in your expansión.

Thine petty human thinkings of what you believe is right for you .. let it goeth into Us.

I extend to you My Comforter Consciousness now.

Your group receptivity pressures Me to release Mine Being upon thee.

This is the way of Heaven.

The asking must come from the intended recipient.

I am this everpresent Spiritual Force surrounding each one.

Depending upon your individual and group hunger

Thirst for Truth.

Worship the Lord thine God

Creatively contemplate the A’s of Adorational Worship… Give to the God Life of you and beyond all.

Worship is not asking or demanding… It is giving beloveds.. giving to God… In this way you build a living Bridge of Consciousness to the God Life I AM .. and thou Art.

And He returns your devotional adoration by expanding Himself… Himself

Beyond you … And including you..
But Worship Him as the Infinite… Infinite.
The I am is identifications… I am telling you something different… Give don’t claim… Give.. Give


Forget thineself

Ye are a grain of sand within ten grains of sand upon His beachhead.

Forget thineself in thy worship.

Invitation and Identification. . Remember you

Worship .. forget thyself

Let go of everything In worship
Worship is pure Virtue .. so .. forget thyself … Give… Worship.

He is Never beginning and Never Ending.

He ends not.

He begins never.

Again.. receive of Him Now… I quicken thine Countenance beloveds… Thine mind… Ye are raised… Drink Him…

Wisdom virtue..Value wisdom..

Wisdom occurs for each one as they transmute themselves into the eternal Selfhood.

Each particle of the Father’s Initiatory Life that you shepherd from darkness into Light .. this brings about your wisdom… W

Only through transfiguring or transmuting..

Changing Changing Changing the vibratory activities and emanations… Brings wisdom intelligence.

Courageousness virtue… The courage to confront all things.

Counsel.. Understanding that no one nor no thing advances alone by itself… Itself.

All are connected and must advance through the Father’s protocol of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Nebadon

Knowledge and understanding… These bequeath the mind with the capability of growth through association.

And intuition.. the beginning of higher Mind .. this seventh virtue overflows into the beginning of your relationship with Our Fellowship.

Spirit prepares... Son demonstrates and illuminates... Father Is.

Father is is thine destiny…

Adonai mine brethren…

I come to illuminate thine approach to God the Father. . . His Life in you.. shall become as You.

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