The Tantalizing Tendencies of Infantile Personalities

Ye must come here to learn and grow. Stop this nonsense of attempting to bring g your own human ideas and opinions into Mine Pastures of Mercy and Forgiveness. Drop away these your subjective effects from lifetimes of confusions. Come unencumbered with a character that is debased and destructively misqualified.

Bring Me your misqualifications. Carry herein your misunderstood idealogies. Present to Me your toxicity of mind and heart .. and I shall show thee rest and security .. stability and safety through your vibratory union with the God Life I AM..

Be not as the arrogant fools and infantile personalities of the earth who wander aimlessly in search of fulfilling their own vanity and seeking merely to confirm their very beliefs which never shall be.

Instead .. come as the purest of seekers into My platform of transformation .. give a fair price for this initial investment of your time and space. Explore Mine wares. Test Mine convictions and consider Mine Atonement Ideal.

For the Father beckons ye to arise out of your self imposed enslavement of intellectual waywardness. He desires your freedom and attainment into the eternal Selfhood of Destiny.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation

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