Thine Eternal Attainment of Personality Selfhood

I dwell in this Omnipresent Pool .. the Ocean. . In and as this Ocean. Some do recognize My Selfhood in themselves.

As this Ocean .. this great Pool of Consciousness .. I watch and wait for all personalities to dissolve their separations .. their misqualifications .. hesitations .. deliberations .. I wait and watch all the personalities of Nebadon .. choosing one thing or another.

Enter thou child of Nebadon .. come and dip thine 'toe' in the cooling waters of Supremacy. Enter thou .. immerse thyself in the Omnipotent Omnipresence of this great unfathomable Pool of Consciousness.

Certainly .. everything hidden in you must arise .. for this great Ocean of Harmony and Order .. it pushes all obscurities to the surface of one's Consciousness. It shall stimulate your discomforts and disarray.

The Great Ocean of Supremacy we all share pervades all the Silhouette as its nurturing and life giving Background of God. Yes .. God remains in tbe Background and he is also the Silhouette .. the Substance of the Silhouette .. yet this Silhouette is like the foam of the waves arising into view momentarily. It appeareth existing. Ye might attach with it and identify with its foamy spray .. it's nature .. and yet .. soon .. very soon .. that foamy appearance shall descend and collapse .. disappointed ye shall be when ye realize it to be not the Unchangeable and Unconditional Glory of God the Father Son Spirit.

Ye shall also collapse thine life into the wave's collapse. It shall give to thee some semblance of reality .. the real it maketh appear as such .. yet .. the moment comes when seekers realize that they have sought unfulfillment in the form of ephemeralities. The novice .. the seeker who looks through the eyes of egoism seeking immediate solutions to their predicaments of upset .. they come to realize how temporary the silhouettes become.

Come unto Me. I am the Living Background. The One Undisputed Being behind all beings. I am the Primordial Consciousness of the Great Ocean of Being. All may come out out Me. All shall eventually return to Me .. this is of certainty. I wait and observe. I watch thine comings and goings. Thine dance to and fro .. the Great Pool of Light and Life .. I give unlimited nutrients .. limitless Life doth He provide for all regardless of your state of receptivity and redemptive intention. The Great and Good Father Son Spirit becometh the time space creation as a blanket which covers itself well. It blankets all creatures and beings and things. It is the Ocean of Primordial Emptiness .. the immaculately existing One of all.

Nameless am I. Formless is in Stature .. yet those who walk with Me might blind themselves with formed appearances of ephemerality. They partake and live out of Me .. yet .. they believe themselves to be an island unto themselves. They imagine they have brought themselves forth out of their own will and plan. Hence, they are unmistakably lonely and alone. They seek not their Essence .. their Source. They find not the solution to their problems and challenges. Their character choices keep them dwelling upon the exterior of Our Being. They distract themselves with the foamy appearances of waves emerging and collapsing uninterruptedly. They fall to and fro .. never finding stabilization and security in the Being I AM.

Alas .. they come into My domain .. Mine platform of Grace and Generosity .. the Goodness of the Generations. They seek and find. They aspire to find God and to learn how to live and be as He Is. They understand more of their solitariness which brings not happiness and harmony. They become My aspirants who know of Our Ideal .. and the Primal Reality it leads into.

Then.. the aspirant discovers our Mutuality of Fellowship .. Our Sovereign Discipleship. He and she blossoms into their burgeoning renewal .. they have sought .. aspired .. and as disciples of the Comforter .. they have become what they have been Wholeheartedly seeking.

I come to guide the seekers into aspirancy .. and I guide their aspirancy into Discipleship. To give sustenance and sympathies to the Redemption tales of personhood .. it's emergence out from the Silhouette .. and its immersing itself back into the Background of Supremacy and Limitless Sovereignty. One with the Three Persons of Infinity Trinity Endowment.

"I AM Michael Of Nebadon .. the Father Son Personified .. Blessed Hand of God the Sevenfold .. the Heavenly Host Unified."

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation