Thine Godhood Extinguishes all Victimhood

I tell thee a great and solemn truth beloveds of My Universal Heart …

To the degree that you are sad and depressed and unhealthy and emotionally distraught .. ye are so because ye are looking to be served, instead of looking to serve; for always .. happiness and healing .. wholeness and joy .. these are the outgoing radiation .. thine righteousness of emanations derived from your cleansing the way of the presence of the Father’s Life that thou art now.

This very backwardation of the flow of the God Force shall create in you enslavement and sorrows with no end. Just look about thee in your little zone of civilization and ye shall see the validity of Mine words to thee.

All those of your race and populace who are withdrawn into the sadness of believing they are controlled by an outside authority, and as such, they experience themselves in their victimhood as compared to Godhood .. these are walking in opposition to Me .. they are hurtling straight for unhappiness and using all their might and will to attain to this sad state, as compared with awakening personality soul and mind who is blossoming into Mine Ideal with the Trinity Host.

Be ever about thine Father’s agenda and plan .. His law and will awaits thine soul emergence. He desires union eternal with thine personhood which shall bring thee into his rectifying immortality, and the imminent graduating ceremonies of the Eternal Embrace into Light and Life .. Universal Citizenship.

Michael of Nebadon 
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation