Thine Mission and Directives are for Graduation into the Immortal Octaves

There are Essences of immense beauty and intelligence everywhere in our universes… ~Michael Of Nebadon

Now…each one of thee .. you have a clear pathway to My door…in both the physical association here that I am stimulating for all who can receive with humility and honor .. and also in the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of My being.

My mission in coming here at this time is to illuminate the avenue of the creature approach to the Father God .. to demonstrate to you His nature and identity .. and to help you to enter into His Kingdom; for His Kingdom is like a new vibratory field .. a pasture wherein the grass is greenest and most ripe, overflowing with the nutrients of eternity .. beckoning thee to taste of its fruit and to reap of its wholeness.

I am showing you the way to approach Him daily .. to gradually embrace eternity and to prepare thyself for thine entrance into our universe through the Second Birth of the Immaculate Garment which you must weave here out of the misqualifications and righteous qualifications of all lifetimes. I come to remind you of your empowerments, and to hand you back your divine authorities .. thine powers and abilities I remind you of, and I ignite within your civilization a renewal and a raising of thine standards, thine ideals, thine vision for what is possible and probable for each personality soul who walks with Me into the Kingdom through the embodying of the Universe Mother’s virtues and values, our verities .. these do create for you the necessary validations of experience and hope, of faith vision and trust.

These are My beatitudes given to you in the hopes that you apply My precepts of Love and Forgiveness to your personal life and world through your inherent powers of contemplation and concentration, consideration and cooperation, consistency and collaboration.

Wait not for a future period of time when you believe conditions will be more ripe and ready for your ascent into light and life. Walk with Me .. as I have come into your octaves through much travail and tribulation in arriving herein.

I am thine Sovereign Son of Paradise Origin. I have come to invite you each personally into our universal association and eternal fellowship; to reignite thine wick, and to pour out the waters of life .. the oils of life everlasting which will allow your flame to remain awake and alive .. lit with the effulgence of Mine Illumination.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Sananda Esu

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