Thine Road to Immortality Beckons Thee

I AM who I say that I AM. Knowing the Great Law, that all we say and do and feel returns to us, then I say unto you, what I have been sharing with you about who I am and what I have come to give you in terms of understanding and healing for your present lifetime and for your existence is absolute truth. Yet, how will you be able to discern so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity I am offering? Call upon the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and He will guide you unto all truth in every way. I tell you that this pervasive Spirit is My spiritual presence and is the supreme way for you to make contact with Me and develop an ongoing relationship and personal fellowship with Me, Michael of Nebadon.

I prefer that you would read and study what I share with you with an open mind, rather than a mind looking to confirm what you already know. You must at some certain time and space go beyond your own learning in order to embrace the eternal verities of the Universal Father…the Great Central Sun Godhead; for We have designed a royal road by which you can attain supreme sovereignty over all things within your personal life. Sovereignty occurs when you give thy attention and acknowledgment to your own divinity. This divine Presence is everywhere present and It is INDIVIDUALIZED as your own personal divine identity and life. Inviting this presence to come into and through your physical conditions of life will quicken all things unto greater light, love, and life everlasting. It is not so important that you become ‘enlightened’, but more important that you become receptive. That you prepare a place within your field of consciousness…your field of receptivity…that allows you to grow in understanding. Understanding and application of that understanding is most important. Understanding the Great Law of Existence is understanding how you have been created; your authority, power, rights, and ability to access Trinity Endowment, and to draw down to you the descent of the Sacred Fire Love to transfigure all darkness that you have accumulated over the centuries of lifetimes wherein ye have misused or misqualified or misclothed your own Life Force Energy…conditioning it into self-enslavement, limitation, lack, struggle unnecessarily, and misunderstanding of purpose, meaning, and thy creative abilities to change all things in your life and world into Light and Love.

All the Ascended Immortal Ones have gone the same road towards becoming Sovereign and eternally Free…Immortalized within their existence and personality by merging eternally thy personal self with the Spirit of the Father dwelling within thee. That is what I had taught back in Gethsemane and that is what I am sharing with you here and now in a more modern format. I am trusting that you and the others in the fold of humanity have become tired of the manipulations and deceits of religions that were organized with one express purpose in mind…to keep people ignorant and enslaved, to oppress and control their frequencies or vibration so that they would not and never find the Light of God within themselves. Although it is within thee, ye must have the understanding of your relationship with it and how to apply its Omnipotence to your life and world to raise thyself into freedom and immortality. What more can I possible say unto you who are reading my words. Believe what I share with you if you can and your life will become raised daily into a finer more glorious and prosperous destiny that is fit for a son and daughter of the Trinity Source and Center within creation; for ye are His Individualization…His Self Consciousness within creation once you take ownership of thyself and stop looking outside thyself to the world of appearance…the sensory world of the lowest nature within thee. Thy answers to all things are to be found as you raise thyself into the vibratory radiance of thine own Selfhood by acknowledging the part of God that dwells above thee that gives to you in each and every moment Its Life Force, its Stream of Light Everlasting that allows you the Energy , the Power, the Intelligence, the Presence and Consciousness, the Substance, the Will, Strength, and Determination and Devotion to Acknowledge thy connection to Him through thy own Individualization. That Life Presence…I AM one with…it is My life as well as your life. And My life is your life as well…One Life everywhere present yet Individualized uniquely, personally, eternally, immortally, creatively, forever to unfold into greater transmutation of thyself and thy pent up potential. And it is His Law of Existence that allows Mercy to wash away thy mistakes, thy errors, so that you can go forward unto greater destinies of Joy and Fulfillment.

The answers to all appropriate things will come to you as you raise your vibration unto greater intelligence…a higher frequency wherein all things become transparent and visible to you. God has not hidden Himself and His knowledge away secretly. It is merely that humanity has fallen in their frequency vibration so low that they have become blind, deaf, and dumb in their ability to hear, to listen to guidance by knowing with discernment and discrimination truth from falsehood. I am here to show you how to restore thy dignity, thy Self respect as a son and daughter of the Most High, Loving, and Merciful God who desires for all His children to be participating with Him in more and more of His consciousness and prosperity, His eternal and immortally limitless services of creative expression. I told you back in the days where I walked upon the shores of Galilee that ye shall do all these things and still greater things shall ye do. I meant you to understand that I had merely performed just a few of the divine services of His creative power and expression, and that there are untold places to travel to, unending creative fulfillments to embrace, unending love and joy and peace and goodness to embody, galactic and universal beauty that would place your heart and mind into a state of awe and over-flowing, existence changing gratitude unto the Father of all Mercies who has brought forth with His Paradise Sons and Divine Ministers, a creation with bold, raw, significant, pristine purity and majesty. Words cannot convey the magnificence of what I could share with you about these things. Yet, you can begin to glimpse them once you cooperate and apply the Law of Existence and participate within Trinity Endowment.

Thus I say unto thee, find thy heartfelt discernment and go forward in seeking to understand thy creative authority and power, thy right, and thy God given ability to walk within the fullness of more of the Christ Consciousness by recognizing the One Power Only in thy life, and to prepare thyself each day for the greater life everlasting by fulfilling His Law of Existence.Thus, ye shall behold a destiny overflowing with Light, Goodness, Truth, Beauty, personal eternal friendships and divine fellowships, and more and more of the Consciousness of the mystery of God Himself who is thy being and identity.

Call upon Me as the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter and allow Me to guide thy way and build with me a bridge unto thy own freedom by invoking the great I AM of thyself which dwells directly within and above thee in the higher octaves; for ye are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of thine own being. Call forth that greater Self that is unseen yet can be brought forth by the very beam of thy attention and feeling blended as devotion. Build that bridge unto thine own I AM realization and recognize that you are the very tip of something much greater called You.

In the Majesty of His Love
Michael of Nebadon