Victory Cometh in Accordance with Virtue

You truly have the free will to choose .. to make decisions as to how you will interpret and hold something within the reservoir of mind and emotions, and your choices extend in their effects and ramifications to all other lifetimes.

The small child who undergoes a deadly disease, the struggles of apparent victims of attack, the confusions and conflicts that one experiences .. these are the direct result of choices which had been decided upon from the past, and which have been carried into this present lifetime experience; and your choices are built upon habits, and habits come from character development. Character development is the development of values, and values do come from virtues and verities. Values are built from wheresoever you choose to focus your thought attention and awareness, and how you then, interpret the events that unfold for you from your own certain inner causes.

These events and circumstances have been set into vibratory activity and motion within your own thought and feeling structures, and these same inner activities over time make their way into and as your outer physical circumstances and environments. No one can escape God’s law, yet there are those who in their attempts to remain irresponsible and ignorant .. they attempt to resist and go up against God’s law, and in their attempts of disobedience mostly from ignorance and lack of knowledge .. they break themselves .. they deconstruct their personality, and they become then, ill-equipped to forge ahead in their earthly career into the life more abundant and prosperous.

I come with the Universe Mother and the Beloved Host who are your brothers and sisters .. we come to offer you a better way in accordance with love and truth .. the way God actually functions and operates throughout the universes.

God is Love and Mercy. His/her nature is this and more .. certainly. Yet, He holds a desire which He has expressed to me and many others .. that He wills for all creatures and beings, all kingdoms and planetary orbs .. to create Perfection so that each may come into alignment with His Absolute Stability and Security of this Love and Mercy .. His Happiness and Joy are manifest only in those who come into this universally held alignment and accord; for each has been created in His image and likeness, so that, you each are designed and destined to function just as He does in His Universal Domain. You are each intended and designed to operate just the very same way in your personal domain, your personal universal space within you; for you are each the god of your own universe within wherein thoughts are things, and feelings do enliven and give Life to those thoughts that you hold unwaveringly within your own body and mind.

I tell you of these things which you must contemplate to understand their ramifications in your lives. I bid thee with all My Heart and Mind to enter into Our Universal Protocol through the development of the Mother’s Beatitudes, the Beatitudes of the Verities of the Spirit of Truth, and through the daily applications of your given authority to enter into the Kingdom by expanding this Kingdom and its values and virtues in you and through you forevermore.

I AM Michael of this Universe, thine Father Son Personified in Perfection, one with the Revelatory Word and the Preparatory Act of the Infinite Persons of Trinity Paradise Source. I come to reveal the way, and to show you the greater life that only you must decide upon.

Michael Of Nebadon 
Michael Sananda Esu 
Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter