Checking in on our commitments to creators about Trust and Safety
Colin Sullivan

Wow, this is some top-tier bullshit.

Credit where credit’s due, it’s good to not immediately wipe pages from the face of the earth and instead give people a chance…but even that is falling short. Why does hate speech get lumped in with terrorism and someone isn’t allowed to defend themself against an accusation?

Now, as for the rest of it, there’s a particular lie being sold here that’s present in the guidelines’ “TLDR” as well as the post here: That Patreon is trying to include a wide array of people who think differently. This is patently false, the new restrictions and the fact that adult content is unsearchable very clearly indicates Patreon is trying to exclude certain types of creators who want different things.

Now, of course, there’s a big lie that’s tied to this. Patreon here is saying that, because some people don’t like some content, those people can only be included (to satisfy the inclusion goal) by having that content removed completely. This is completely ridiculous, but combined with a notion of being safe by not having such content, is what justifies this exclusion of some content.

Oh, and of course, this PR damage control piece was written by the head of legal. Fun fact is that in the US, basic porn, even a dick pic, can be easily considered obscene (see what happened to Anthony Wiener), and transmitting obscene stuff across state lines is…legally risky. But, you can reduce that risk a little by having less out-there porn, because if you get lucky with jurisdictions, jurors in the place where you’re challenged will be okay with vanilla porn. THAT is what this really comes down to.

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