Day Three in Bootcamp

Hi my name is Justin,

The journey so far has been very demanding and challenging. The days now appears to be shorter than 24 hours. Time has become an enemy, yes , you read that right. If it were to be my friend it would have fulfilled my wishes of remaining stationary. Each day starts with a quick look at the time so as to know if I slept for too long.

My experience has been an interesting one coming from the level of self development I have been forced to attain by my passion for becoming a world class developer. The tasks have been enormous with little timeline to accomplish them. The level of information we are expected to take in and work with seem so huge that it can actually make one reconsider continuing with this bootcamp. This is truly a test of passion and commitment. A test of ability to make excellent decisions and still come out with the required belief that will define you as a prospective candidate to be turned into a world class developer.

I have improved on my relationship with my peers. We are always encourage to collaborate and lookout for each other with integrity. This has helped me a lot in building relationships and making progress with the required tasks.

I have my worries with regards to meeting timeline and the mere taught of that can make one loose focus but I know I have to give it my best. I know I have learning facilitators and fellow bootcamp participants to collaborate with and I know from my experience so far that I am better than I was before.

The journey is not for the fainthearted but its a journey that I have come to accept that it requires ability to learn fast, take in loads of information within a short period and being able to be committed as long as your passion still lives. The journey continues.