My Experience In Bootcamp So Far

Hi my name is Justin,

I will start by saying that I am not the same with who I was before the bootcamp. Don’t get it twisted, I am still Justin but a better Justin in the world of software development.

My experience so far has been exhilarating. This doesn’t mean it has been a piece of cake but totally full of challenges and frankly speaking finding solutions to those challenges seem to be the ingredient that makes my experience so far very interesting.

I have learnt a lot so far, both technical skills and soft skills. The expectation is that if I am successful with the bootcamp then I am on my way to becoming a world class developer. This has been an expectation I am poised to meet and exceed as much as possible. Achieving this feat might seem tough at the moment but its is one I am committed to achieve irrespective of blockers.

I have come to understand more the importance of collaboration and building relationships. The atmosphere we where introduced to and encouraged to imbibe by our facilitators has helped in making me feel more at home. This has been a source of encouragement and reflected in my relationship with individuals.

The tasks have been challenging but interesting. I have learnt a lot and eager to learn much more. The challenges can be tough but then like they say “only the test of fire makes fine steel”. Diligence is the watchword.

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