When The Challenges Seem Unbearable…

Hi my name is Justin,

Lately, I have found myself embedded in challenges that I never envisaged or at least expected to be so challenging. This experience has made me have a lot of reflection and discover more about myself and how to become a better individual in the positive sense.

You always have the key

Events of last week in bootcamp( my journey to becoming a world class developer) has been the most interesting part of my learning process. Interesting in the sense that I have had so much life changing experience in such a short period of time. It has also been the most challenging but I count myself fortunate to be part this awesome learning opportunity.

The bootcamp started with a lot of motivation and zeal. There was only one acceptable output and that’s success. The skill section on having a growth mindset was another catalyst to my motivation and it helped me see my acceptable output achievable. Then the journey started getting tough, I started getting the feedback of what it means to become a world class developer. There were a lot of things to learn, and by learning I mean understanding every bit of what ever you take in with the little time available. It was a test on my ability to not get overwhelmed by a lot of information and being able to prioritize my learning process. There is a pillar designed to help in such situation and that was the skill of asking questions and having positive attitude to feedback. Yes, the bootcamp is a very challenging one but I never felt alone. I experienced the wonders of collaboration and I was compelled to be more committed to achieving success.

Have a growth mindset

Studying about adaptability has helped in improving my reactions to challenging situations. I have come to understand the importance of having an open mind and becoming a driver of change especially when it involves team work. I have learnt that it takes motivation to start the journey to becoming a world class developer but determination and due commitment is required to achieve such feat. I will strive on with diligence and you too can.

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