Knowledge is power

We are exposed to a lot of information and oftentimes we are not able to classify which is true and which is not. Some information are misleading and some are hoax. As consumers of information, we should be vigilant enough to filter out what is right to what is wrong. Now, in the advent of technology, news and information become readily available. But, how do we facilitate interactive and meaningful sharing of information and knowledge? How do we manage to effectively impart, capture, identify, evaluate, retrieve, distribute and share information assets?

Knowledge management, as defined, is the explicit and systematic management of intellectual capital and organizational knowledge as well as the associated processes of creating, gathering, organizing, retrieving, leveraging, and using intellectual capital for the purposes of improving organizations and the people in them.

Once knowledge management is utilized, people will be able to turn information into accessible and reusable knowledge allowing you to have all the information and use it to the best you can.

To further discuss and find out more about the knowledge management, using an accidental sampling, I have asked 6 people as my respondents. It was revealed that most of the respondents are more skilled towards knowledge management.

It was noted that those who scored low are actually skilled towards knowledge management considering the fact, according to the answers they have, they were able to share and impart information to others hence improving their selves and people around them too. Hence, once knowledge management is mastered, it paves the way for superior performance making people efficient and effective in their endeavors.

In the cyberspace world, abundant information is available, some of it is well organized but others are not. Effective sharing of knowledge throughout an organization or people for the benefit of everyone or the individual is the primary goalmouth of knowledge management. But to create the right balance between the information and the actions of people, collaboration, and other forms of person to-person interaction are essential since knowledge management is deals more about people, working relationships, and communication.


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