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This report includes September technical developments, online activity including governance and monthly data statistics. Includes DeFi technology roadmap progress, community project results, etc…

Technical developments

Products and tools

Swap.nextDAO decentralized transaction research and development:
This month, we continued to develop the following features and conduct internal testing:

  • Decentralized exchange based on AMM.
  • Provides currency exchange.
  • Provides a post-trade transfer function that allows the user to send the exchanged tokens directly to a specified address within the same TX after the token is traded.
  • Automatic market-making models that allow users to deposit money to provide liquidity.
  • Supports LP transaction pairs.

Link.nextDAO cross-chain asset research and development:
This month, we continued to develop the following features and conduct internal…

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The results can be viewed at: https://node.nebulas.io/govern?period=6

7 Approved Proposals

Token economy:

  • NIP548 — The swap.nextdao fee for the repurchase and destruction NAX (translated)

Community & marketing:

  • NIP551 — Nebulas India Initiative
  • NIP556 — Nebulas Sri Lankan Telegram/Twitter/Facebook/Medium Operation (October 2020)

Product improvement:

  • NIP543 — Go Nebulas notification system
  • NIP545 — Go Nebulas email newsletter
  • NIP554 — NAS nano pro: Sending feature — Enter amount quickly with a slider
  • NIP555 — NAS nano pro: Rename NAX to “Votes (NAX)” in the UI

Governance Cycle Review

  • The completion and approval of 3 out of 4 projects;
  • 50 of the 51 selected nodes participated in governance;
  • 58% of submitted proposals approved;

Next Step:

Governance incentives: The governance nodes will receive approximately 800 NAS governance reward at the beginning of the next governance cycle (end of September). …

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In line with the DeFi roadmap for the second half of 2020, Nebula Cross-Linked Asset Service, Link.nextDAO and Decentralized Swap Exchange Transaction Service Swap.nextDAO will be moved to an October launch due to changes in development and testing plans.

Development progress

Link’s intelligent contract code on Ethereum and Nebulas networks have been mostly stable. The front-end, contract development and debugging has been mostly completed and is in the final internal testing stage. Swap’s Smart Contract code is complete and the front-end debugging and verification is in progress, and is about to enter the internal testing phase.

Link.nextDAO Beta Feature:

  • Supports converting USDT on Ethereum into nUSDT on the Nebulas…



nebulas.io / Nebulas is a next generation public blockchain, aiming for a continuously improving ecosystem.

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