You know those moments when you begin talking and don’t think you will ever stop? The words are just flying out of your mouth and while you desperately want to, let’s say, — zip it — you can’t. The words simply zoom out of your mouth — like a F1 Formula on a race track.

Today I had 20 minutes where I could not do anything except kill time. My original plan was to head over to a Starbucks, get some coffee, and take it from there. Yet, I walk passed an Aldo shoe store and looking at some shoes seemed like a way more exiting idea.

I don’t need shoes — not one bit… though, who ever NEEDED shoes?

Of course I find a pair that I absolutely, positively loooooove. However, 1) I don’t need shoes and 2) they are the tiniest bit pricy.

I walk up to the cashier and ask:

“Can I put these on hold?”


Now my friends, right at this moment is where I suddenly step on the gas and forget the concept of breaks:

“I love these shoes but you know I really don’t need them so I’m not sure if I should spend all that money so I’m just going to put them on hold and if tomorrow morning I still want them I’ll think about it again I mean seriously I don’t want to be too compulsive and then not have room in my closet for my current shoes or the ones that hurt too much and I never ever wear… Or have no more money to buy other very basic necessities, for example: LUNCH?!?!! at times my closet can get so overwhelming it’s a bit crazy actually I’m also a photographer and I have all that shit to fit in this little itty bitty space — I live in Brooklyn if you must know and when they built this city no one had clothing so have you seen the closet space?!?!? I mean I really really want these shoes I should prob just get them no? I’m being unreasonable right?!? I mean they are just so funky and the cooooolor and




my life would just be




I stop for a millimeter of a second — You know, to inhale, and that woman — GD bless her spirit finally, FINALLY finds one tiny moment where she can put a break on the race track which is now my speech and ever ever so kindly says to me:

“Mam, I really don’t give a fuck”


Ok ok ok I’m kidding — she really wants to keep her job since she’s been way backlogged on her student loans. Yet in all honesty, her face was saying just that.

Let us get real, if it was me standing at the other side of that register those are pretty much the exact words I would have said to myself

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