750+ hours of free programming courses from the best coding bootcamps (HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby, Python and more)

An example of the HackReactor prep exercise

Most coding bootcamps are pretty expensive. Especially for those living in developing countries.

But recently, some of the best bootcamps started to open their own prep courses, which are either free or let you choose between basic free and advanced paid options. And this is a great possibility to learn quality stuff from the world’s best instructors for free.

And if you are thinking about attending a coding bootcamp yourself, these courses can be invaluable to help you to get ready and make a final decision.

The course list

  1. Hack Reactor. 60–90 hours. JavaScript only. Here you will find A LOT of exercises. I really mean a lot. Most of them are simple, but this is a great way to write some basic JS stuff into your muscle memory. But you need to know some JS basic syntax to start it. Also, it has some valuable articles about interview prep, writing tests etc. Premium prep is also available.
  2. Flatiron School. 75+ hours. JavaScript + Ruby. Here you can start basically from zero. You’ll get theory and practice in one place. Lessons are very concise and clear, the interactive exercises are not always easy. Really high-quality stuff here, highly recommend.
  3. Fullstack Academy. 50+ hours. JavaScript only. In fact, there are two courses. First is the JavaScript Jumpstart, which costs $49, but now it is free with the following promo code FS-PREP-JUMPSTART. With JS Jumpstart you can start from complete zero, I would say it is a Codecademy analogy, with some interesting exercises included. And their main prep course is here. There are many nice samples of coding interview questions with video solutions, which can be valuable for your learning, too.
  4. Rithm School. 290 hours (OMG!). HTML, CSS, JS (Express, React), Python, Linux, Git, Algorithms and more. Here you’ll find theory + practice. Exercises are not interactive, from what I’ve seen there are some text quizzes with answers on github, or links to codewars coding challenges.
  5. Viking Code School. 300 hours (OMG++). HTML, CSS, JS, Ruby. Personally I didn’t try this one (yet), but looks like that this is a reworked Odin Project, and based on the contents I can tell that this is a pretty solid introduction tosoftware engineering. I can recommend it especially for those who are interested in Ruby/Rails development.

I have really enjoyed some of these courses, and I hope it will be helpful for some of you as well :)