Trump’s Wall


Bibi was a good thing to Trump.

Bibi was the best for his project : to build a wall along the american border.

Well, it was not really his project : it was the project of « those who know everyone you have to know to be ».

That’s how he name them.

Trump always wanted to be part of this little VIP group of powerful men.

But due to his jumpy temperament, they dismissed him giving him a « could do better » hope.

-Donald, I am sorry but you can not be part of our group.

-Why ?

-Why, why !

Are we a golf club ?


What does that has to do with this ?

-Exactly !

No connection !

You don’t join this group like you step in a golf club.

-How much ?

-…how much what ?

-How much do you want ?

Say a figure !

-Donald, Donald…it is not a money issue.

Are we an association that begs for donations ?


What does that has to do with this ?


This discussion becomes a little bit tricky.

Choose some ideas that we put down on paper et try to sell them.

If you get there, then we will take a look at your record.

– What does that has to do with this ?

-Good night Donald.

Donald didn’t take all that as a defeat !

On the contrary : he took that as a « …we believe in you ! Show us that we were in the truth about you ! ».

Donald is a winner, a great man and an artist, so he took the challenge.

Why ?

« Because I’m rich, I’m an independent businessman, I know a lot of people and I want America to be great again !

God bless you ! »

Trump choose the most craziest projects that appears on the « Candidate Paper ».

A document including all the ideas that you must sell to the people.

A document that allows you to run for president.

A document provided by « those who know everyone you have to know to be ».

When he saw « The mexican issue », « The guns legislation », « The american workers » on the Candidate Paper, he jumped for joy while he took the shoulders of Barron, his son, and tackle him on the wall saying incomprehensible words.

The only thing that Barron understood was that his father must, once and for all, search for a solution.

A solution for his wig.

« …and stop articulating your lips like some chicken asshole !

Like ‘O’ ! » he thought.

Barron was often ashamed by this little detail.

It gives the impression that his father has the irresistible urge to give a fellatio.

What Barron will understand much later is that the way of articulate his mouth like ‘O’ and the squint eye of his father was the definition of a cheeky charisma of a confident man who knew how to climb in the higher stage of US society hierarchy.

An arid desert.

A big villa on top of a hill.

A swimming pool.

Armed guards all over the house.

Some kids playing in the swimming pool.

An helicopter approaching the house’s roof.

Donald Trump descends from the helicopter bringing a briefcase with him.

Mickey and Goofy follow him.

Bibi welcomes him.

Few words.

Some miles.

Gentle taps on the shoulders.

They enter the villa.

An elevator.

They arrive in a basement, a kind of a bunker.

Burgundy leather armchairs, a bar, a false chimney and a TV on mute decorated the bunker.

-Beautiful speech yesterday, mister Trump. We can feel your sincerity and your debating skills.

You’re quite different. –says Bibi while he serves him a glass of Macallan.

-We will take them down ! –says Trump rising his glass.

-I specially liked the debat between you and Jeb Bush.

Sublime !

You literary kicked his ass !

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