Trump’s Wall


He goes down the stairs.

Shouts, applause and flashs immortalizing this moment.

A moment long-awaited : to be recognize as the spokesperson of the Elephant party.

Spokesperson of what ?

To give back strength and vigor to the USA.

To blow the american dream’s ball who seems to have lost some air over the past decade.

« Refaire l’Amérique grande ! » he repeated in french with a smile while he tapped the shoulder of the french journalist who translated his campaign slogan.

Who could believe that ?

« Even Ivana can’t believe this, I’m sure !

I told her though : one day, i will be the president of the United State Of America !

She didn’t take me seriously. And for that she’s stupid.

Well, today she’s eating her stupidity while I approach the White House. » he liked to think.

He heads with energy toward the backstage area, followed by his two bodyguards, Mickey and Goofy.

Donald has no time to lose : « Time is money my friends ! », he says amused to a group of groupies who awaited his autographs.

They take an elevator.

The two bodyguards in front of the door : this security touch is his new stylish and official asset :

« It gives me credit and seriousness.

It gives me the air of being official.

Plus, it allows me to hold off those crazy mexicans who want my loss !

I would have’em all by the way . »

They are on the top of the Trump Tower.

An helicopter awaits them.

Direction ?

El Paso : to meet the president of the Wallforall company, Bibi Gorsky, around a good whiskey.

Bibi Gorsky was known for being nourished by separatism impetus.

He built beautifull walls like the Peace Walls of Belfast, the wall between Morrocco and Ceuta (a spanish territory), the wall between North Corea and China, the wall between India and Kashmir and of course, the must of the must, the top of the top of all walls, the one that separates Palestine from Israël.

Son of a former politician converted as a chief in one of the most important Kibboutz of Israël, and of a painter well known for her work based on her menstruations, he enters at only 16 in the prestigious London School of Commerce.

During his studies, he met some of the highest actual politicians and some great businessmen via the most notorious Gentlemen’s Clubs at the time.

Bibi is this type of person that everyone loves.

One day, as he was reading the press while his daughter was playing in a parc, a visibly bored little boy approach him and sits in the same bench.

The boy was staring at him.

But Bibi keeps reading.

« What does he want ?! » he asked himself.

-Hi you ! Where are your parents ? he asked while he forced himsel with a smile to hide his irritation.

The little boy, afraid of this creepy man, run.

« Whew ! »

But the boy returns and sits in the bench.

-What’s your job ?

-I build houses, bridges, water well, walls…for rich rich people !

Anyway, in what your parents are working ?

-You are ugly.

-I know.

My ex-wife used to say that !

«Did you even saw your little stupid face ?! I’m sure that when you’ll grow up, nobody will respect you !

With a face like yours…

At least, my ugly face inspires respect !

…asshole ! »

-But why do you build these walls ?

-To not see faces like yours, answers Bibi.

This was his time !

Time to relax !

And it won’t be a kid who will destroy that.

The kid stares at him.

Bibi stares at the boy too.

« He wants to play ‘who’s gonna win the look’ ?!

Ok !

Let’s play ! »

As for the kid, he imagines Bibi’s head decreasing in something that looks like a candyfloss.

He wants it.

He streched his finger toward this gluttony.

Bibi avoid with a big irritation this finger.

-Don’t you want to play with your friends ? Where are your parents ?

-They are dead.

Bibi stops all of a sudden his will to attack this boy.

« …what am i doing ?… that’s a kid in front of me for christ sake ! ».

-I’m sorry.


Do you want a candy ?

The boy takes the candy and repeats his question :

-Why do you build these walls ?

-To defend us from bad people.

-Who is the bad people ?

-The bad people are arabs.

-Why ?

-Because they do bad things to us.

-Like what ?

« What a paine in the ass ! »

-They kill people.

-Why ?

-Because they are bad people.

-Are bad people ugly like you ?

-Ok !

Enough ! Go with your friends.

You’ll understand all this later.

…at least, if you’re not zigzig by them before you grow up.

-What is zigzig ?

-That’s the sound of birds.

Now, go with your friends.

-Are bad people birds who yell ?

-No, bad people are…


in fact yes !

That’s it.

-Birds fly.

-Thank you very much for this information.

-But your walls don’t fly.

-So what ?

-Bad people can fly above your walls to do bad things.

« What a stupid kid »

-You’re a smart kid !

-So your walls are useless.

-Exactly !

-They don’t fly.


Sadly, they don’t fly.

-You are stupid then.

-Ok !

Go away now !

I want to read my newspaper !

The kid looks at him and before he joins his friends, he says to him with all his innocent voice of little boy :

-You are ugly, stupid and despicable.

You are a strange bird.

Since that, Bibi doesn’t go anymore in this parc and sold his canary.

Since that, the face of this little boy remains in Bibi’s head.

Why ?

Is there some revelation behind this discussion ?

Some signifaction to recover ?

But for some reason, Bibi always removes all that from his mind telling himself :

« What a paine in the ass ! »

When Trump heard about Bibi and his company, he didn’t hesitate to ask for his contact.

A phone call.

A « -Hey Bibi !

It’s Trump.

Donald Trump !

How you doin’ ? »




A rendez-vous.



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