Traditions, India and Branding

Kerala back waters

More than anything else, childhood memories are full of religious and spiritual aspects of an Indian life. The fun, the feeling of togetherness, the warmth and a lot more. Somehow, in India all of it are directly or indirectly related to festivals, religious and family occasions.

Indian mindsets can do away with almost anything but tradition. Given the diverse culture, there is a lot of respect for different traditions. If a brand shows respects by wishing someone else’s tradition, it is definitely on my mind and I shall look at it on my next purchase.

Right from the more recent “St. Valentine’s day” to a lesser known Akha Teej (from Rajasthan), in our minds, there is a fine impression of ourselves and the occasion. Everything that showed goodness, kindness and thankfulness to us or others remain in the back of our minds.

Festivals also bring something new in our families. It could be a small purchase or a big one, it is definitely there. As kids we would get new clothes on festivals and we always looked forward for festivals. This is what interests the marketers. This is a huge opportunity for them and they are quick in realizing it.

Right from promotions to brand association, emotional rapport, conventional branding and more are included in building a better brand strategy. A very good example was #happyOnam was trending on Twitter since yesterday morning.

This August 25 was no different from any morning. Having said that Jet Airways, Orient Electric, Airtel, Videocon, Orient Electric, Yes Bank, Kenstar were on the prowl on social media. In India, this trend is going to stay for a while.

Several brand categories were seen wishing their audience ‘Happy Onam’ with some very interesting creatives.


#Startups, #microbrands #brands, never miss the smallest of the festival opportunities, that are in India, to connect with the masses for business reasons.

There are many who are struggling with their brands. Next festive season, do the following:

  • define your brand
  • position your brand
  • deliver your brand
  • advocate your brand
  • monitor your brand.

If possible, do all of it from a #single #window.

In the long haul; it is a huge pay-off.

note: brand images are taken from a popular search engine and the © and intellectual properties, belongs to the respective owners.


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About the author: Edward Varghese is the CTO for A tech startup that is looking at spearheading something known as “Social Performance Engineering”.

Social Performance Engineering is about simplifying complex tasks using deep tech and sleek processes to derive tangible results using social media.