My Orgasm Is Not Your Property (So Stop Saying You Made Me Come)
Funky Feminist

Despite reading the article, I am still going to believe I made you cum. It’s going to matter to me that you are pleasured. If it means me going down on you or something other than penetration, I will do that.

And if it’s not happening for you on a given night, I will not shame you for that or make you feel bad about it. We can take a break or go to bed. Hopefully we had some good intimacy otherwise that was worthwhile. I hope you’ll do the same for me, because a night will happen where I can’t get off either. Stuff happens.

But if it’s my cock or my tongue putting you over the edge, I will feel a private sense of pride and accomplishment. I may even brag to my friends privately about it.

But will I feel ownership? I have never even thought in those terms. Men are not an exclusive path to orgasm for a woman. I’ve never met a man who felt that way personally.

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