In the end my brother and I decided to just buy the tickets

Photo By Mohamed Mekhamer
Three words can describe this young lady : determination, positive and caring.

Her Story

I left Damascus three and a half years ago, together with my parents and my younger sister. My brother was already in Lebanon and my older sister was in Istanbul. She got married and had a newborn baby. My parents wanted to see their grandchild. By this time my dad also started having problems at work. He worked in a government related institution, but he was against the government. Our house was got bombed when we were inside but we were all fine thank god. We moved to another house. It was not safe for the family any longer. Things were really hard and we decided to come here, to Turkey.

We actually planned to go visit my sister for three months in Istanbul only. My parents hesitated, they didn’t want to leave, because they felt it would be for a long time. In the end my brother and I decided to just buy the tickets. We had to make the decision. However, three months became three and a half years now and we are still counting. I don’t think that we are going back soon. Sometimes, my parents are joke and blame us for leaving.

They tell us: “You are the reason why we are here, we hate this situation and it is because of you.”

Photo By Mohamed Mekhamer

I was so happy in the first two months because I saw my niece and my sister after all. But I stayed at home all the time, and I hate that, so it was hard for me. I realized I wanted to go back home and I didn’t wanna stay here. I needed to get out of the house and I wanted to work. In Syria I would never think I would have to work, because we had money and everything was there. Once in Turkey, I had many different jobs and I worked a lot. I got paid so little and the conditions were hard. However, working was my way to getting out of the house and it felt better than sitting at home all the time.

When we left Syria, I was a senior in high school. But my grades couldn’t be transferred according to the Turkish system. So, in order to finish my last exams, I went back to Syria, together with my dad. It was dangerous, horrible. In the end this turned out to be useless anyway. Now I am studying Political Science via an Online University. After two years I will be able to apply for another university. My plan is to finish these two years here and then hopefully I can do my masters in International Law, because actually I wanted to study Law.

I am jobless right now and I am staying with my friends because I didn’t wanna go back home. I work as a volunteer and sometimes as a translator too. In the near future I want to learn Turkish, French and Spanish. I want to be more independent, achieve my goals and have a stable job. If I get better opportunities, I will stay here. I have been here for three and a half years and that is not a short time. I made many friends and I feel like I’m at home here because the Turkish and Syrian culture are much alike. I don’t want to move somewhere and start again from zero, I started a life here again.