10 amazing houses to buy with crypto

Bitcoin is currently accepted by thousands of shops worldwide, but we can’t call the most popular digital currency mainstream yet. If you’ve been holding on to your bitcoin for a couple of years now, the chance is quite big that you’re currently sitting on a decent pile of money. Why not buy a new house? The website Bitcoin Real Estate lists all kinds of houses worldwide that are for sale and can be bought using bitcoin, ethereum or other currencies.

Below you will find a selection of ten of the most awesome houses that are for sale. These houses are in no particular order, but we do start with the craziest house we could find.

The Bitcoin House — $189 million (49231 BTC)

When it comes to crazy houses, it doesn’t get much better than this. The Bitcoin House is a project from Next Gen Living Homes, a company specialized in over the top living. It’s completely self-sustainable thanks to 207 solar panels and a Tesla powerwall. It’s called The Bitcoin House for a reason, as it has enough mining hardware built-in to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of bitcoin. Actually, according to the creator of the house, the mining hardware would generate 50 BTC per month. The idea is that the house generates the electricity and the money to live. It has three levels with 11 total bedrooms, 18 bathrooms, two kitches, a wine cellar, a garage for 8 to 10 cars, movie theater for 12 people, three pools, jacuzzis, balconies, an atrium at the center of the building with an indoor pool, and of course a family room, pantry, walk-in closets and so on.

Manhattan Mansion — $12 million (3126 BTC)

The next house in our list is a fraction of the previous one, but living in a luxury mansion in the middle of New York does sound awesome. This Manhattan Mansion has a small garden and a roof terrace, but what’s the real eye-catcher is the inside. The entire house looks very open, and the main living room looks amazing with its 22 feet ceiling. The mansion has five bedrooms and the same amount of bathrooms. It also has a home theater and wine cellar, making the total living space about 7000 square feet, and it’s right in Hell’s Kitchen!

Miami Beach Mansion — $3.5 million (912 BTC)

The mansion at Miami Beach is located right next to the La Gorce golf course. It’s a two story mansion has high ceilings, an outdoor rooftop patio with a BBQ kitchen, jacuzzi and shower right up there. With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two half bathrooms, it’s slightly smaller than other entries in this list. The house offers 3250 square feet of living space, and the garden adds another 3000 square feet. This Miami Beach Mansion is near the ocean, but of course offers its own pool as well.

Miami Beach Penthouse — $5 million (1302 BTC)

With four bedrooms, four bathrooms, an amazing kitchen and a 3500 square feet terrace facing the Miami Bay, this penthouse is awesome. You can drop your car in one of your four covered parking spots and take the exclusive elevator to panoramic rooftop. Maintenance fees are set at $2600 per month, in case you’re wondering.

Alicante Modern Villa — $545.000 (142 BTC)

Amidst these multi million dollar mansions, this modern villa in the Spanish Alicante region really looks like a cheap buy. It has three bedrooms, and 2 or 3 bathrooms depending on your wishes. Each villa has 400 square meter of land, a large basement, a garage, multiple balconies and a nice pool. The house is extremely modern and located 15 minutes from the beaches of Benidorm. You’ll have to do all the decorating though, because this is a completely new property.

Koh Samui Thailand Villa — $1.2 million (312 BTC)

On the quiet island of Ko Samui, a part of Thailand, you will find the village of Mae Nam. This is where you will find this huge, 3 story luxury villa with 7 bedrooms and on-suite bathrooms. This huge home also has a cinema room, fitness room and plenty of outdoor space. The house has its own road to the sea, two minutes away. Of course the house features everything you’d need to entertain yourself when you’re not outside at the pool, including game consoles, satellite television, proper internet and outdoor barbecues to work on your grill game. There’s 1600 square feet of living space, and plenty of nature to chill out.

Germany Island Dubai — $1.92 million (500 BTC)

Germany Island is a newly created horseshoe shaped island in Dubai. With 5 bedrooms and 5000 square feet of living space, you get a house with lots of privacy and a view on the water. Each house as an exterior pool and an infinity pool, and direct access to a private beach. The kitchen is everything you’d ever need, but of course you’ll be using the outdoor barbecue the most. Sauna, jacuzzi, waterfalls, internet access, everything you’d ever need.

Private Beach Villa Bahamas — $5.25 million (1365 BTC)

Right in the middle of paradise, you’ll find your own private villa right at the beach of Nassau’s Paradise Island. Your Beach House Villa has its own private grounds with a pool, dock and a white sandy beach. There are all kinds of services included, like a chef, private boat with captain, an ATV, 24 hour gym services, laundry and housekeeping. Basically you’re living in a hotel, but than in your own villa.

Desert Resort Utah — $2 million (520 BTC)

Located 45 minutes south of Zions National Park you will find this luxurious desert resort. It has one acre of land and over 5000 square feet of living space. With five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a 4 car garage you’re set for life. The gorgeous view when you’re swimming in your outdoor pool are the cherry on the pie.

Luxury Chalet French Alps — $5 million (1302 BTC)

This gorgeous newly build chalet in the French Alps offers 500 square meter of living space spread out over four floors, served by an elevator. In the house you’ll find a jacuzzi to warm up after skiing, while the walk to the outdoor sauna gives you an amazing views of the Mont Blanc. Four bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are located on the ground floor, while the living room and dining room are located on the first. There’s also a smaller living room with a garden attached. One level higher you’ll find the master bedroom and the kidsroom, and there’s a garage that can hold ten cars, but can also be remade into your private game room, cinema or indoor pool.

Originally published at NEDEROB.