Amazon wants blockchain advertisements

Robert Hoogendoorn
Aug 8 · 2 min read

Amazon is hiring software engineer who will be working on blockchain solutions for the future of online advertisements. The blockchain ledger will need to take care of billing and reconciliation systems, and add data transparency on transnational financial data. This was seen in a job advertisement on Linkedin.

Blockchain solutions would make it possible to give more insight in actual numbers taken from advertisements views and placements. Lots of communication about advertisements is still vague, and companies often lie about their data. Building an advertisement system on the blockchain would create transparency for all parties involved, including the ones paying to run the advertisements.

The American ecommerce giant has been working and researching into blockchain solutions for some time now. Earlier this year Amazon was awarded a patent to generate so-called Merkle Trees instead of the classic mining from the Proof-of-Work algorithm. In the patent they don’t mention bitcoin or blockchain, but they do describe that a first party needs to complete computational work before gaining access to a computing resource.

However, Amazon has never announced any actual plans for blockchain solutions, and even the new job opening is no guarantee for the future road Amazon will take. But with Microsoft already involved in blockchain, Samsung being very busy and even Walmart jumping in, it’s very likely Amazon will establish itself in the blockchain space as well.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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