AMD moves into blockchain to change games publishing

Robert Hoogendoorn
Dec 14, 2019 · 2 min read

Computer hardware manufacturer AMD is making a move into blockchain to change the way video games are published, purchased, shared and experienced. The company partnered with blockchain-based video game distribution platform Ultra. The two companies will cooperate on the marketing activities, including contests and events to promote the use of Ultra.

Jorg Roskowetz, head of the AMD blockchain division, is excited about the use of blockchain technology for games publishing, licensing and rights management. He believes for example that Ultra will be a next generation, community-centric game publishing platform.

The partnership means a great boost for Ultra, because AMD will distribute games to its millions of customers around the globe. These games can be redeemed on the Ultra platform. The blockchain games distribution platform will offer a mix of blockbuster games and independently developed titles. Some of these indie titles will even be exclusive to the blockchain platform.

Ultra won’t only be a blockchain-version of Steam. The blockchain startup promised ‘a number of yet unannounced hyper-social features’. In addition AMD and Ultra work together to ‘optimize cryptographic computing performance’ on the platform for gamers using AMD processors and graphic cards. It’s unclear whether gamers mine Ultra’s native UOS token while gaming, or something else.

Ubisoft already excited about Ultra

The partnership with AMD isn’t the first surprise Ultra brings to the table. Last month the company started working together with Ubisoft. The French games publisher will use Ultra’s UOS blockchain during a trial period on a test version of its network.

UOS keeps track of assets ownership, assets transfers and payments. As a result gamers can trade games and digital items with their ownership permanently recorded on the blockchain. So yes, technically this would allow gamers to sell digital used-games to each other.

Even though Ultra is stealing the spotlights, it’s not the only gaming blockchain. Ethereum, Tron, and EOS are popular projects that offer a variety of blockchain-powered games, including Gods Unchained. In addition Dapper Labs is working on Flow. This gaming blockchain also has Ubisoft as a partner.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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