Axie Infinity gets $1.5 million investment

Robert Hoogendoorn
Nov 7 · 2 min read

Creature breeding and battle game Axie Infinity is getting a 1.5 million dollar investment to further develop its universe. Parent company Sky Mavis announced on Thursday that it secured the funding from blockchain-games publisher Anomica Brands, alongside companies like Hashes, Pangea Blockchain Fund and Consensys. When the development team will expand the Axie universe with a new game element is not just known.

Axie Infinity started early 2018 as a creature breeding game. Little creatures called Axies have up to six different body parts, which provides them with certain battle mechanics. By mixing two Axies together, a baby Axie will be born with all new looks and mechanics based on its two parents. Players can also use these little pets in idle team battles.

In the coming weeks Axie Infinity will revamp its breeding system, making it harder to create new Axies. On top of that the game recently partnered with Samsung, making it one of the highlighted decentralized apps on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Their next major product update will be a mobile app in the first half of 2020. The team behind Axie Infinity will use the investment to hire more people and speed up game development.

Even though Axie Infinity is almost two years old, the game is still attracting lots of attention. Just over a week ago one player bought an Axie for $2300, while the game is consistently attracting gamers on a daily basis.

Animoca Brands investing all around

Blockchain-games publisher Animoca Brands is investing left and right in the gaming space. The company wants to become the biggest company in blockchain games and is now planting its seeds. Animoca invested earlier in blockchain company Gamma, which gave them access to 60 million gamers that use Razer products. In addition they’ve signed licensing deals with the Formula 1 racing competition, and motor racing competition MotoGP. On top of that they’ve partnered with Atari, and have a deal with German football club Bayern Munchen.

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