Basic Attention Token teams up with partner Apple, Amazon and Starbucks

Basic Attention Token (BAT) has teamed up with crypto advertising startup TAP Network. The partnership allows consumers to redeem BAT within the TAP Network ecosystem. This was announced last week by Brave itself. This means that BAT can be redeemed at hotels, restaurants and gift cards for famous brands like Apple, Amazon or Starbucks.

TAP Network has its own token, called TAP Coin. The startup has 250 thousand brand associations, including Uber, Nike, Paramount Pictures, Red Bull and charities like Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity.

TAP allows consumers to earn rewards for their purchases at partnered brands. After verifying a purchase, users will earn 10% of the purchased value in TAP. This in turn can be redeemed for money or discounts at partnered retailers.

Basic Attention Token can be earned by content publishers from users spending time on their website. At the same time users get 30 BAT per month to spend on their favorite online content providers. This ecosystem works within the Brave browser, and on top of that the browser provides privacy for its users by blocking trackers, cookies and ads. It’s one of the many ways consumers can already be active with blockchain tech and cryptocurrencies without investing any money.

Brave and BAT are really building their ecosystem. The browser will be pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Yet, the Opera browser will be the only one that’s able to access the hardware wallets built-in the new crypto powered smartphone from Samsung.

Originally published at NEDEROB.