Bitcoin added to Microsoft Excel

Microsoft has added bitcoin as a currency option in its Excel spreadsheet software. Even though this is not a reason for the price to go up, it’s a sign that bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market are becoming more mainstream. Yet, other spreadsheet services like Google Drive and Libre Office haven’t added the bitcoin symbol yet to their software.

Microsoft Excel is being used by an estimated 800 million people worldwide. The software is part of the Microsoft Office package, that’s nowadays offered as a cloud service with a subscription fee. Google Drive, Open Office and Libre Office are free alternatives.

It’s not a real surprise that Microsoft add bitcoin to its list of currencies. The company has been active in blockchain and cryptocurrency for some time now. It’s working on a digital ID system, build on the Bitcoin blockchain. Microsoft is one of the investors in trading platform Bakkt, while the company has been working on its own blockchain services since 2017.

Originally published at NEDEROB.