BitGuild migrates its gaming currency to TRON

Blockchain and gaming startup BitGuild is migrating its PLAT token from the Ethereum network to Tron. The company announced the migration this week. The migration of ‘the lifeblood of the BitGuild ecosystem’ to Tron follows after the company already become a Super Representative (SR) on the Tron network, and transferred its projects to the Tron blockchain as well.

BitGuild already has chat application GuildChat and its flagship game Bitizens on the Tron network. However, PLAT was left behind on the Ethereum network as an ERC20 token.

The current version of PLAT will be available on exchanges till April 30th. On May 6th the actual migration from Ethereum to Tron will begin. The swap won’t be that hard, because Justin Sun’s Tron Foundation has made TRC20 tokens to be 100 percent compatible with ERC20.

BitGuild is not the first project to move from Ethereum to Tron, and it probably won’t be the last. The Tron Foundation has issued a fund for game developers who move their games to the Tron network. Besides Bitizens, other projects have followed as well. Think about Steem Monsters, which also changed its name to Splinterlands, or Chibi Fighters, CryptoDungeons and Hyper Snakes. Of course there was the recent announcement that the USDT stablecoin would become part of Tron as well.


Originally published at NEDEROB.