Blockchain games coming to traditional gaming platforms

For now blockchain games are mainly played on PC and some of them are available on mobile. But for game studio Lucid Sight the next stop are the traditional gaming platforms Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The company got a six million dollar investment to bring its MLB Champions and Crypto Space Commander blockchain games to gaming consoles.

By bringing these games to traditional consoles, Lucid Sight wants to remove the difficulties surrounding blockchain-based gaming. Their goal is to improve functionality and the user interface by bringing these games to mobile, PC and console platforms.

Where many blockchain games are full of menu’s and often lack fast paced and responsive gameplay, the games from Lucid Sight are different. MLB Champions is a collectible card game in which cards are also tied to real world performances of actual baseball players. Creating teams and getting points, will add value to the cards. Crypto Space Commander is a 3D space exploration game in which players mine resources, craft items, trade items and battle each other. Yes, some people call this game ‘the crypto version of EVE Online’.

Yet, these games will not be the first blockchain games on consoles. In November 2018 Sony approved a blockchain-powered role playing game called Plague Hunters. The tech giant approved of the blockchain-powered ownership of gameplay assets.

Plague Hunters is build on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s basically a reworked version of 2017’s Plague Road. It’s a turn based strategy game with some player-versus-player elements added to it. The main focus of the game is singleplayer though. Players can collect and upgrade characters to add to their team.

Plague Hunters is also planned for a PC and Nintendo Switch release and possibly even Xbox One and mobile platforms. The marketplace will be accessible through all game clients, which means it’s cross-platform.

Originally published at NEDEROB.