Blockchain ID-verification to get a crypto-paid beer

Blockchain identity startup Civic has build a vending machine that checks a user’s identity before selling a beer that’s been paid using cryptocurrencies. These 15 thousand dollar vending machines have been showcased at SXSW. The company told Coindesk it’s the first time they did sales and identity verification in one transaction.

One of the highlights of the transaction process is that everything runs through the Civic Pay app on a smartphone. As soon as user download the app, and have their identity confirmed, they get 200 CVC as a gift. That’s enough to get a first beer. The transaction is all about scanning QR codes, and that’s it.

Civic is already in talks with other potential partners. They believe music festivals are the ‘most immediate opportunity’. But one could also think about sporting events and bars. People who are interested, can already pre-order the vending machine.

It’s not the first time vending machines are being paid using crypto. We’ve also seen bitcoin ATMs and regular ATMs being updated to support cryptocurrencies. However, Civic also implemented age-verification, which is a significant step in the product development.

Originally published at NEDEROB.