integrates Bitpay into wallets

Robert Hoogendoorn

The biggest Bitcoin blockchain explorer and wallet provider is integrating the services of the biggest cryptocurrency payment processor into its wallets. Consumers using as their wallet will be able to pay merchants directly online on desktop and mobile, the two companies announced on Monday. has approximately 38 million accounts, while Bitpay is processing over 1 billion dollars in bitcoin alone per year. are supposedly responsible for a quarter of all on-chain bitcoin transactions. This number does obviously not include trading on exchanges.

Blockchain’s wallet service is non-custodial and has an optional know-your-customer (KYC) verification for those who want in-wallet trading options. For Bitpay users do need a KYC-verification.

It stands without doubt that this collaboration is a major move for and Bitpay alike. Bitpay is expanding its reach in recent months, but signing new and renewed partnerships with companies like the online retailer Newegg, streaming platform Twitch.TV and many more companies, e-commerce websites, governments and organizations.

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Originally published at NEDEROB.

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