Blockchain Pokémon gets online battles

Chain Monsters is a Pokémon-inspired blockchain game that’s been around for almost a year. Game studio Netherstorm has started its multiplayer test phase for a limited amount of players. The first multiplayer test went ‘smoothly’, but Netherstorm is planning another stress test in the near future. The game allows players to capture and train monsters and battle each other using those little critters.

Chain Monsters was launched a year ago as the first Unity-powered blockchain video game. It was a singleplayer adventure until now. The multiplayer feature are ranked battles against random players, challenge battles against specific players, and solo mode for people who want to test their skills against non-player characters.

Netherstorm calls their video game a retro style monster hunting, battling, exploration RPG running on the Ethereum blockchain. All data in the game is secured, saved and verified by blockchain technology. By connecting the game to your Ethereum address, Chain Monsters can be played on PC and mobile devices.

Because Chain Monsters is running on blockchain technology, the monsters you catch are actually yours to have. Every monsters that’s been caught, will be tied to the user’s account. A marketplace allows people to sell their monsters as well.

This marketplace can be found on the Chain Monsters website. The most expensive monsters are now selling for 4.5 ETH, while the cheapest is 0.19 ETH. It’s not the biggest marketplace yet, as there are only 92 monsters in total for sale right now.

Players who want to support development of the game, can contribute by paying for rewards. Paying 0.25 ETH will get your name listed in the credits of the game, while 2 ETH will get a cartoony version of your face in the game. If you want to be an NPC, you’d need to contribute 4.5 ETH.

The game was first introduced on PC, after which development also focused on mobile versions. Linux and Mac versions are also in the road map, and of course multiplayer that ties all these platforms together into one universe everywhere you go. NetherStorm is also planning to bring the game to Steam.

Originally published at NEDEROB.