Brave Browser downloaded over 20 million times

The crypto-powered Brave web browser has been downloaded over 20 million times on Android devices. This comes from data collected by Appbrain. The browser is also available for PC and iOS. It has an integrated reward system which rewards users and content producers with BAT, while blocking advertisements and tracking software.

Research from Brave itself shows that the browser is also using a lot less memory compared with Google Chrome. Presumably the browser saves 30~60% of RAM usage. On mobile devices the browser consumers 40% less battery compared with Chrome, Safari, and other competitors.

In January the company behind the browser published a report about their growth in 2018. The browser was then used by 5.5 million active users per month, and over 28 thousand publications (ranging from websites to YouTube channels) have been verified.

We wrote about Brave before, as it’s an easy way to start using crypto-powered technology. Throw out the old, and bring in the new:

The outstanding Brave browser is a web browser based on Google Chrome. However, it uses a built-in privacy system that allows you to block ads, cookies and trackers. It also has a Basic Attention Token (BAT) wallet integrated, which you can use to tip your favorite websites some BAT tokens. The fact that you’re not seeing ads, doesn’t mean that content creators shouldn’t be paid of course.

Originally published at NEDEROB.