Chain Monsters becomes blockchain MMO

The blockchain-powered and Pokémon-inspired blockchain role playing game Chain Monsters is soon becoming a full-fledged massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). Game studio Netherstorm announced on Monday that the original vision for the game will become a reality. The beta test for the MMO is planned to launch around March 20th.

Chain Monsters will allow people to explore the world together with friends, follow a story line through all kinds of quests and enter competitive play. The beta version of the game will connect all existing versions of the game, as they all already exist on the blockchain.

Chainmonsters is build on the Ethereum blockchain. The RPG is free-to-play but players are able to buy in-game coins in exchange for bitcoin or ethereum. The game can be played inside a browser and requires a web3 extension, like Metamask, to be unlocked. This way the game can connect through an ethereum address to the blockchain.

The role playing games comes with its own marketplace. Players are able to trade goods and monsters there. Connecting for a first time to the game, will require a little bit of ethereum in a wallet, as the confirmation needs to be sent to the servers. After connecting their Metamask, gamers get access to their first monster: a poison / grass, fire / rock or psychic / water monster. Yes, Pokémon fans will be right at home.

Originally published at NEDEROB.