Chibi Fighters switches to Tron blockchain

Blockchain-based battle game Chibi Fighters is making the switch from Ethereum to the Tron network. The developers state its a port, but the Tron version of the game will feature free transactions. The Tron version of Chibi Fighters is scheduled for a release in March 2019, and ultimately the developers want to get a dedicated Tron server for the game. In a pre-sale players can buy characters for 1000 TRX each.

It’s not known whether the move to the Tron network has anything to do with Tron Arcade. Tron Arcade is a 130 million dollar fund to convince developers to move their game onto the Tron network. The developers of Chibi Fighters have already stated they aren’t making any money at the moment with their Ethereum-based game, so funding from Tron Arcade would be a welcome impulse for the project.

While playing Chibi Fighters, players will earn loot. Weapons and gems can be found in the game. These gems can be collected and swapped for a share in the game’s TRX earnings. By estimation the best players will be approximately 300 dollars per month for their activities inside the game.

The cute — but deadly — Chibi Fighters can be equipped with legendary gear to fight monsters. Besides PVE content, the game also features live matches and PVP brawls. Every fight is logged on the blockchain, giving players ownership of all the assets tied to their account. By playing the game, gamers can earn cryptocurrencies in organized tournaments as well as through regular playtime.

Originally published at NEDEROB.