Cooking Mama first major gaming brand on blockchain

Robert Hoogendoorn
Sep 9 · 3 min read

Cooking Mama is the first major gaming brand making a move into the blockchain space. Information now removed from the website of game investment company Planet Digital Partners suggested that Cooking Mama: Coming Home to Mama is partly build on blockchain-technology. The game will launch this Fall on the Nintendo Switch.

The blockchain features in the game can potentially mean that owners of Cooking Mama: Home to Mama can re-sell their digitally downloaded game. On top of that each game is slightly different from another. The private key generates the expressions of the main character. Thanks to the blockchain implementation things like running tournaments and handing out digital rewards will be fairer than ever.

The Cooking Mama series has been around for more than a decade. It launched first in 2005 on the Nintendo DS. Games for the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS followed. A mobile game for iOS and Android launched most recently. More than 11 million gamers downloaded this game.

Blockchain game features

The website of Planet Digital Partners stated the key blockchain elements of the upcoming Nintendo Switch game as follows:

  • Unique Blockchain Private-Keys — Each purchased copy of the game will have an unique ID. The game’s internal wallet storage directly manages this.
  • Private-Key Enabled Balanced DRM — Traditional DRM limits the ability to copy games, while private-keys on blockchain protocols allows easy registration. These combined items provide greater proof of ownership to legitimate owners of a game, while also allowing them to resell games both digitally and in traditional retail outlets.
  • Enhanced Multiplayer Experience with Dual Expression — This feature, when enabled, makes every copy of a game subtly different and personal to a user. It utilizes the private-key to change expression algorithms for characters, ingredients and cooking methods.
  • Securing Online Events — For promotional events, player records and participation can be tracked while maintaining privacy. In addition, hashes of the running game can be recorded to ensure the game has not been altered to create an unfair advantage.
  • Digital Assets, Rewards, Recognition — Users can earn in-game currency (or points, experience, and other items) or earn recognition and certificates. The game, other players, or third parties that host tournaments can provide these rewards.

The upcoming Cooking Mama game for the Nintendo Switch also features a Vegetarian Mode. This is for gamers who do not want to cook virtual meat. This mode is optional alongside the regular Traditional Mode. Obviously this has nothing to do with blockchain technology.

Cooking Mama is a big gaming franchise with 20 million units sold worldwide and more than 600 million dollars in revenue. Cooking Mama is one of the first three games that Planet Digital Partners is funding with digital shares.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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