Development on Spells of Genesis halted

EverdreamSoft is no longer actively working on the action puzzle card game Spells of Genesis. This blockchain-powered mobile game for iOS and Android has been updated quite a lot lately, but didn’t gain the traction the investing publishing partners would’ve liked. Therefore there will be no further investments into the game.

Spells of Genesis will remain available on the Google Play Store and the App Store, but gamers don’t need to expect any more updated. EverdreamSoft makes money with the game by selling in-game currencies, which can be used to increase the strength of cards obtained by gamers.

One of the reasons for the lack of investments, is of course the bear market of the entire cryptocurrency and blockchain space. Since February the price of currencies has been going down, companies are cutting jobs and governments are enforcing rules. At the same time however, major companies and governments are acknowledging blockchain and crypto, having many believe that the Crypto Winter should be ending some time this year.

For a long time EverdreamSoft and their mobile game were pioneers in the world of blockchain games. Spells of Genesis has been a leading example in how blockchain games can work. By leveling up bronze cards, they become silver, after which there’s card. The final step is ‘blockchainization’, which allows players to tie a card to their Ethereum address.

Cards that have been blockchainized, can be sold on a market place. Currently available cards on the market place costs between $1 and $8. Technically it would also be possible to use blockchainized cards in other games, but it needs to be something that’s being supported by a development studio. For example, CryptoKitties and Gods Unchained have a partnership where items from one game can be used in the other.

Video games and blockchain technology are destined to merge. Investors have been pumping millions into this development already, Established companies from the games industry are also starting to invest into blockchain technology. Among them are Ubisoft, Atari, and Square Enix, while former executives from Playstation and Take-Two Interactive have started a blockchain game publishing company.

Originally published at NEDEROB.