Earn bitcoin by booking hotels

Robert Hoogendoorn
Jun 26 · 2 min read

Booking an hotel room at Hotels.com can now earn consumers some bitcoin. Travelers need to install the Lolli extension for their browser. Because Lolli partnered with Hotels.com, it will reward people who use the hotel booking service with bitcoin. Lolli announced they can give back up to 3.5% of the booking expenses.

That would mean that a $100 booking earns consumers $3.50 worth of bitcoin. Hotels.com has 325 thousand hotels in their system, spread over 19 thousand locations worldwide. Currently Hotels.com is the third biggest travel website in the world. Booking.com is number one, followed by Airbnb.

Lolli already has partnerships with hundreds of e-commerce businesses, ranging from Priceline to Booking.com and from Walmart to Gap and Hilton. When you purchase something through Lolli, they make some money. But a percentage of that money goes back to the consumer as a bitcoin transaction into their Lolli bitcoin wallet.

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Booking rooms through Hotels.com isn’t the cheapest way to book your hotel rooms. Even though the 3.5% discount is very appealing. Several blockchain startups try to cut out the middlemen and make booking hotels and plane tickets a lot less expensive. On Locktrip.com you can book hotel rooms often a couple of dollars cheaper compared with Booking.com and Hotels.com. They are currently building their own blockchain in order to keep costs steady and predictable.

Originally published at NEDEROB.