Earn or lose cryptocurrencies in online shooter Vibe or Die

Robert Hoogendoorn
Nov 6 · 2 min read

Gamers who play the online multiplayer shooter Vibe or Die can win or lose cryptocurrencies. Players can earn crypto for each time they kill an opponent, while they lose currencies when they are being killed themselves. Players can use VIBE, NEO, ETH and BNB, starting at 0.01 tokens until maximum 100 tokens per kill or death.

Gamers can download Vibe or Die from the official website (5.9GB). At the moment of writing you need at least 320 kills to enter the top 10 leaderboards. The top player goes by the name of Milfrider and has accumulated 3175 kills.

VibeNet claims 2.5 percent for each transaction. That means that the network get at least 0.00025‬ NEO per killed player. Another 2.5 percent goes to the person who’s running the server, who is basically a ‘game node sponsor’ according to VibeNet.

Vibe or Die is build on VibeNet, a blockchain ecosystem build on Ethereum. VibeNet gives users virtual reality experiences, ranging from AR applications for smartphones to VR social hubs, or VR music performances. VibeNet can scale up, and is potentially able to support any cryptocurrency. At the moment the system supports its native token VIBE, while adding ETH, BNB, NEO and GAS as well.

Vibe or Die is only available on PC, and will soon also be playable on VR devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. At the moment the game has a NEO competition going on that requires players to perform 25 kills or deaths per day in order to earn 80 USD worth of NEO. This daily giveaway ends on November 30th.

Faster paced games gaining ground

Where the first blockchain games will slow and turn based, faster gameplay mechanics are getting more popular. Pizza Heroes is soon launching its beta, introducing 3D gaming to the Tron blockchain. In addition there’s a team working on an online shooter called Dissolution. This FPS is build on the Enjin blockchain.

Vibe or Die is above all not the first game to reward gamers for killing enemies. Last month Satoshi’s Games announced a new battle royale game in which players can win or lose bitcoin. The game’s name is Lightnite and it uses Bitcoin’s Lightning Network for very small and fast payments over the Bitcoin network.

However, Vibe or Die is already playable, giving that game the premier. While Vibe or Die is only in development for PC, Lightnite is in the making for PlayStation, Steam and mobile devices.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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