Electroneum app payments now in Brazil

Robert Hoogendoorn
Sep 8 · 2 min read

The four biggest phone operators of Brazil now allow their customers to top up their mobile phone using Electroneum. This means that 220 million people can jump into crypto to pay for their data usage. All they need to do is download the Electroneum app, start mining ETN and pay for their mobile phone through the app.

Claro was the first Brazilian mobile phone operator that signed up with Electroneum. After that Vivo, Oi and TIM followed. As a result Brazil is the second country in the world that embraces the ETN ecosystem. Electroneum was first introduced in South Africa. Here the British company tries to help millions of unbanked by giving them access to digital payments.

Within the Electroneum app users are able to mine ETN. This automated cloud miner doesn’t require any processing power from the user’s side. Consumers only need to login once every week to keep the mining process going. The app generates approximately 120 ETN per month, which equals less then 50 cents.

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Electroneum phone not coming to Brazil

In February Electroneum also launched the Electroneum M1 smartphone. This is an affordable smartphone sold in developing countries. The device has the app pre-installed. It costs approximately 80 dollars.

So far the M1 only launched in South Africa. Sales numbers have never been communicated. It’s unknown whether the Electroneum M1 smartphone will also launch in Brazil. Considering the announcement I’d guess not. Because Electroneum is addressing 220 million consumers that already have a mobile phone.

The M1 keeps costs as low as possible, while still providing key features also available on expensive smartphones. The M1 has dual SIM functionality, 4G connectivity, 8GB of storage and two cameras. The key feature is of course that the phone is also a mobile wallet and bank account.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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