Enjin pushing for more utility of tokens

Game-related cryptocurrency project Enjin as build an integrated app browser in its mobile phone wallet. The browser allows users to connect to blockchain-integrated websites and initiate processes that require approval from a blockchain wallet. Digital assets, besides tokens and currencies, can be directly stored in the app now.

Enjin is one of those projects that heavily focused on the games industry. Last year the company announced it would give game developers access to ERC1155 assets through the Unity engine. This video games development engine is one of the most used tools on the market.

The blockchain game company is also implementing an software development kit for Godot, which is a free and opensource 2D and 3D game engine.

At the same time Enjin is pushing developers to use its blockchain software. They launched a program called Spark, aimed at helping developers get used to blockchain games and programming. Several developers have already joined the program, including Space Misfists who are working on a space arcade game as listed below.

Originally published at NEDEROB.