FC Barcelona moving into digital collectibles

Robert Hoogendoorn
Feb 13 · 2 min read

FC Barcelona has partnered with blockchain rewards platform Socios to give fans a voice and step into the world of digital collectibles. The agreement is part of the football club’s new digital strategy, and will allow fans to interact with the club through Barça Fan Tokens. They’ve named the token BAR, and it will go on sale within the Socios app in Spring 2020.

Fans will earn rewards for every action taken on the platform. BAR can earned by using the app, or they can be bought using CHZ. Fans will climb the leaderboards and receive reward points. In turn these fans can exchange these points for merchandise and experiences linked to Barça.

When the sale starts, 40 million BAR will be made available. Each of the tokens costs 2 euro.

“With over 300 million fans worldwide, Barça’s fandom spans countries as well as cultures. […] Adding FC Barcelona fans to the Socios.com global community takes us one step closer to our goal of mainstream adoption of blockchain. Every time a fan downloads the app, we are furthering education, and every time a fan buys a Fan Tokens, we are strengthening the use cases of this innovative technology.”

Alexandre Dreyfus, CEO & Founder of Socios.com & Chiliz

Chiliz moved to Enjin

Recently Chiliz and Enjin announced a partnership. Digital assets and collectibles will be minted on the Enjin platform, and can be traded on the open marketplace. As a result digital collectibles from FC Barcelona can potentially also end up on for example OpenSea.

FC Barcelona isn’t the only club working with Socios and Chiliz. Last year clubs like Galatasaray, Athletico Madrid, Newcastle United, Juventus and AS Roma already partnered with the platform. Fans of Paris Saint Germain can already buy tokens at this very moment.

Chiliz want to have fifty partners by the end of 2020 from sports, esports, and the entertainment industry.

Originally published at NEDEROB.

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